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We specialize in crafting bespoke travel apps, packed with features to guarantee a seamless and stress-free travel experience for your customers on every occasion.

Travel App Development Services for a Distinctive Experience.

Travel Organizer

TripIt streamlines travel, consolidating itinerary details into an easily accessible platform for simplicity and convenience.

Currency Conversion

Facilitates global travel with up-to-the-minute exchange rate information for convenience.

Flight Predictions

Flight Predictions optimize travel plans by forecasting optimal flight booking times, providing timely cost-effective alerts.

Road Trip Planning

Revolutionary app enhances travel, providing a platform for scenic routes and attractions.

Packing Lists

Packing List app streamlines travel prep, generates customized lists for stress-free, well-prepared journeys.

Local Recommendations

Packing List app streamlines travel prep, generates customized lists for stress-free, well-prepared journeys.

Using new tech to make sure travel solutions more trustworthy and open.



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Why Choose Intigate ?

Intigate Method

Practices for Building

In this stage, the team sets goals and parameters for the travel app development process. Specialists analyze the target audience, compatible platforms, and features to be integrated into the app.

Intigate Method

Practices for Building

In the development phase of our travel app, our team focuses on crafting the user interface and visual aesthetics. Employing wireframes, our design experts highlight the app's features, while prototyping and user testing guarantee a straightforward and user-centric design.

Intigate Method

Practices for Building

Our development team excels in creating the frontend and backend of our travel app. Through advanced programming languages and seamless API integration, we empower essential features like social sharing and user authentication for an enriched user experience.

Intigate Method

Practices for Building

Ensuring optimal performance for your envisioned travel app, our QA specialists conduct thorough end-to-end testing before deployment. Continuous testing throughout the development phase guarantees seamless functionality, aligning with the planned objectives for the travel app.

Intigate Method

Practices for Building

During this phase, the team releases the app on the chosen platform. Starting with a beta version or MVP facilitates feedback collection, enabling identification and resolution of potential issues, ensuring the viability of your travel app concept.

Intigate Method

Practices for Building

After the app launch, our team actively monitors performance and user feedback. Regular updates and bug fixes are released to enhance functionality, ensuring compatibility with the latest platform upgrades and technological advancements in the travel app development.

We support travel organizations in implementing innovative digital strategies and concepts. Whether they're exploring advancements like cloud solutions, travel management systems, or integrating AI and IoT in travel tech, our digital travel app development services lead organizations in transforming how they deliver travel solutions and shape trends in the digital travel landscape.

Got Questions?

At Appinventiv, we specialize in developing travel apps that engage and delight users. The mobility services and solutions offered for travel apps cover all the major mobile platforms, including Android and iOS. As one of the leading travel mobile app development companies, we handle all the phases involved with getting your mobile app online.

It depends entirely on your requirement and end goal. If your user base is across the regions with more Android users, go with Android, and if your user base is limited to the regions with more iPhone users, iOS is what you should choose. You can also choose cross-platform development if you wish to cater to both the audiences.

If you are aiming for custom travel app development, the features that can be added as must-haves are:

  • Flight and hotel booking
  • Currency conversion
  • Contact option
  • Payment gateway integration

The cost of developing a travel app depends on the choice of technology, platform, UI/UX designs, features, and other functionalities. A travel app with basic features would cost you around $20,000- $80,000. On the other hand, building a larger product with more advanced features and complex functionalities, may cost you around $100,000- $200,000.

Earlier, the travel and tourism industry used to run with the help of travel agents who had a monopoly over this business, and due to this, many of these agents resorted to malpractices. But with the emergence of mobile apps, it has become easier for users to plan and book a vacation.

For any company which is in the business of travel, it has become a need to develop a mobile app to deliver additional services, and it also helps them to stay in touch with the users. Whether you are a multi-million dollar online travel agency, a regional tour operator, or a utility travel solutions provider, you require a business tool that allows your customers to find you.


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