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Our Array of services in educational app development.

We provide an integrated eLearning suite, including tools and resources for knowledge delivery and management, positioning us as a top education app developer globally."

Corporate Training Apps

We craft user-friendly corporate learning apps, blending client content for effective training modules that enhance team skills.

Skill Boosting Apps

We craft user-friendly corporate learning apps, blending client content for effective training modules that enhance team skills.

Tuition Apps

We create tuition apps for real-time, location-independent education. Our custom apps, designed by educational mobile developers, feature engaging elements for efficient learning.

E2c eLearning App Development

We specialize in large-scale education app development. Our expert developers ensure smooth deployment of expansive eLearning apps, addressing your scalability concerns

Virtual Classrooms and Video Conferencing

Embrace screen learning with our advanced educational app development. Our team creates video conferencing apps and virtual classrooms with engaging features for more interactive learning."

LMS Development

As a top educational software developer, we design LMS platforms for seamless tracking of online training and easy user access to study materials."

eLearning Apps for Disabled

As a leading education app developer, we prioritize inclusive education. Our adaptive learning apps, leveraging 3D and Haptic tech, make knowledge accessible for everyone."

On-demand eLearning Apps

We meet business needs with on-demand education app development, offering audio/video learning, lecture scheduling, appointment management, and more, featuring an intuitive UI and fast performance." On-demand eLearning Apps

The company specializing in Ed-Tech app development, mobilizing every aspect of the Ed-tech industry.


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Infusing a tech-savvy vibe into your education apps.

Our solutions make education mobile app development synonymous with comfort and ease.

Intigate Method

Practices for Building

As a top education app developer, we explore the what, why, and how of eLearning apps, offering sustainable solutions and an implementation roadmap.

Intigate Method

Practices for Building

Through a comprehensive analysis of your requirements, we discern the features and functionalities essential for your project. This in-depth understanding allows us to formulate an effective development plan tailored specifically to your needs.

Intigate Method

Practices for Building

Our education app development team crafts advanced, user-friendly UI designs. Simultaneously, our designers focus on blueprint, user, and database designs to ensure simplicity and convenience for end-users.

Intigate Method

Practices for Building

We create a prototype showcasing the envisioned appearance of your education app or software. Subsequently, we rigorously test the prototype to ensure convenient and user-friendly UI and UX designs..

Intigate Method

Practices for Building

Our education development team designs a premium digital product for your organization, incorporating valuable insights gained from initial feedback to ensure a high-quality solution aligned with your needs.

Intigate Method

Practices for Building

Our developers meticulously test each product to guarantee client satisfaction and deliver an exceptional user experience.

Intigate Method

Practices for Building

We adhere to standard protocols when deploying software and mobile learning apps on multiple platforms, ensuring easy accessibility for the intended audience.

Intigate Method

Practices for Building

Continuous enhancement is essential for all digital solutions. We assist our clients by providing post-maintenance services to ensure sustained effectiveness over time.

As a trailblazing educational app developer, we play a key role in shaping an inclusive learning ecosystem for industry leaders. Explore successful educational apps empowered by our digital scalability solutions.

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While the development of educational applications is intricate, ensuring success involves considerations like:

  • Defining the Goal
  • Clarifying the App's Purpose
  • Aligning Resources with Expectations
  • Maintaining University Brand Image
  • Thorough App Testing
For a comprehensive process, consult with our education app development services. Contact us to initiate the conversation.

Exploring education app development involves considering various categories. The development cost hinges on factors like app type, features, tech stack, and the development company's location. For example, creating an app like Coursera can cost between $76,500 and $103,000, while an app like DuoLingo may range from $40,000 to $150,000.

Intigate serves as the ultimate hub for all your educational learning app needs. Our team, comprising skilled developers, designers, QAs, and testers, collaborates to deliver your desired product. Simply connect with us to discuss your idea.

Educational app development is a rapidly expanding global trend. Beyond academia, such apps play a vital role in enterprises, offering benefits like:

    • Industry leaders, like Uber and Amazon, emphasize continuous employee learning for innovation and growth.
    • Mobile learning (m-Learning) ensures employees stay updated, enhancing competitiveness in the market.
    • It facilitates global workforce cohesion for internationally operating companies.

Tools are essential for app development. Here's a list of popular e-learning app development tools:

  • Claro
  • Articulate Storyline
  • iSpring Suite
  • SumTotal ToolBook
  • Lectora
  • Adobe Captivate


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