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We do not just promise to provide high-quality testing services, we deliver it that too on time.


The ultimate quality and performance of a platform depending on the level of diligence put into testing and quality assessment. Untested software and platforms typically face preventable issues and bugs that increase operating expenses and impede productivity. Furthermore, it disrupts project timelines and software deployment.

Over the past decade, Intigate has developed full-stack expertise in software development, which proves central in increasing our understanding of each facet of software solution development and its dynamics. We have an independent dedicated and certified software testing and QA team that uses that expertise to remove bugs and patch vulnerabilities robustly before deployment.

Whether your software is a simple web application or a complex enterprise management solution, we meticulously test the functionality, performance, and quality of the platform using proven QA and testing processes.

Software Testing and QA Capabilities

From mobile and web applications to SaaS, data warehouse, and enterprise platforms, our software testing and QA team validates all aspects of your software, ensuring compliance with the requirement and industry standards necessary for delivering an outstanding user experience.

Security Testing

To mitigate the growing challenge of data security and privacy, we run inspections and checkups to identify any vulnerability that could potentially lead to a breach.

Usability Testing

Manual testing and quality analysis determine the usability of your software for the end-user. We use cases and test workflows so you can deliver enhanced user experiences.

Regression Testing

If you have updated your software and integrated new features to boosts its efficiency and performance, regression testing determines how effectively new features work with the existing ones.

API Testing

API testing test and validate the functionality of the user interface even when the GUI is not fully incorporated. Automated testing enables you to intervene before project deployment and make necessary amends.

Performance Testing

Your software’s performance will impact your brand image and end-user loyalty. Performance testing runs stress and load tests to make sure your software doesn’t buckle and remains stable at all given times.

Functional Testing

As the name suggests, this type of testing and quality analysis undertakes the exploration of the most important features of your software, identifying errors and abnormal behavior while validating it to meet end-user expectations.

Other Varied Testing Capabilities

Using leading quality assessment and testing technologies, Intigate can carry out a wide range of tests such as compatibility, data migration, acceptance, UI, cross-platform, and more in addition to the ones stated above.

SDLC Process – Software QA & Testing

Intigate optimizes its software QA & testing services by employing the services of our QA & testing professionals at the early project development stages. Our QA processes are very thorough and involve extensive testing phases to rule out any bugs that may damper the quality and functionality of your product. We begin with test plan creation, implement automated and manual testing design, update test scripts, analyze interim results, and report final results.

  • Design Sprint

    Break down problems, propose solution hypotheses, build high fidelity prototypes and validate ideas with quality tests.

  • Business Requirement and Data Analysis

    Capture business long term objectives and define measurable KPIs connected with the impact of AI.

  • AI Solutions and Experimentation

    Data scientists and Project managers research and run experiments on solutions to finalise the call on the development goal.

  • Build and Release

    Develop the AI product while managing risks and rigorous testing to ensure perfect operation under extreme conditions.

  • Evaluate and Improve

    Monitor the deployed product continuously to optimise for KPIs and improve to match with changing business needs.

Why is Intigate the best choice for AI & ML development?

From functional automation testing and feature testing to end-to-end testing and software improvement QA services, Intigate’s approach to testing and QA is based on leveraging the latest technology, practices and standards. We employ various techniques including the following to test products so you get bug-free software that meets your business requirements.

Top-tier Quality

We deliver supreme quality products validated through in house testing and real world implementation. Our enterprise scale products are delivering value to some major organizations worldwide.

Seamless Communication

We specialise in open communication to seamlessly collaborate with clients to address problems fast and effectively. We stay approachable and open to feedback and suggestions at every stage of the project.

Transparency & Accountability

We stay transparent with our clients completely regarding costs, challenges and proposed ideas. Our approach of taking 100% responsibility of tasks assigned makes us stand out when dealing with difficult situations during development.

Post Release Support

Our services never stop at delivery, we assure endless support for our clients throughout the life of the product. Every client that we have served has trusted us with support and maintenance functions.


Managed IT Services Customized for Your Industry And Your Organization

Our customized vertical solutions allow your organization to thrive by streamlining workflows and increasing productivity. Our marketing strategies and design concepts are customized for your specific needs no matter the industry.

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