State Of the Art Blockchain Development Services

Blockchain is the next disruptive revolution in the technology domain and we are helping companies build breakthrough blockchain and crypto currency solutions.

Blockchain Development for Success

Get the best blockchain consulting and development services for enterprises and startups. We can help you brainstorm, ideate, plan, build, deploy and scale blockchain solutions. Blockchain technology offers the best possible security, decentralised architecture and self scaling solutions.

At Intigate we build blockchain solutions for Real Estate, Banking, Healthcare, Entertainment, Insurance, Supply Chain, transforming businesses into blockchain ready frameworks that can open to the world for investment and global value appeal.

Get complete Blockchain Development services for a public blockchain, private blockchain and even hybrid blockchain with smart contracts capability.

Build DLT solutions on strong foundation of blockchain expertise

Intigate team stays updated with fast paced advancements in the blockchain industry to establish ourselves and your company at the forefront of the innovation.

Blockchain Consulting

Expert team at intigate helps you to understand the possibilities and value of blockchain technology. Evaluating ideas, educating about feasability and profit prospects; our blockchain experts

Decentralised Applications (dApps)

We develop your dApp from start to finish, including design to PoC, MVP development and a market-ready application. The dApps are Smart contract based that provide privacy and access controls, top level data security strength, and minimal transaction delays as core capabilities.

Blockchain Development

Get your own private or public blockchain or go for a hybrid one when you need the advantage of both. We specialise in developing blockchain based on enterprise grade frameworks like ethereum, hyperledger, and binance Smart Chain which provide shortest time to market capability.

Smart Contract Development

Build and audit smart contracts that are designed for extremely fast and secure crypto payments. Enable oracles while managing complex interoperable chains and efficiency enhancers to underpin the smart contract execution in any blockchain environment.

Cryptographic Tokens

Intigate technologies team has extensive knowledge on deployment of fungible and nonfungible tokens with respective use cases. We also guide launches of crypto projects to industry and adoption. You can create custom or fork altcoins/cryptocurrencies and tokens like stablecoin, crowdfunding, STO, etc.

NFT Creation & Trading

NFT creation is the latest use case of blockchain that is being capitalised for generating unique ownership proof of assets in the digital form. Instigate technologies are helping artists, athletes and blockchain enthusiasts convert their digital assets into NFTs and trade them safely via secure trading platform.

Blockchain Development Process

Each step in our process is meant to add value and test the KPIs to ensure top quality products at the end of development life cycle.

  • Research

    We evaluate the business use case, outline the technology roadmap, & prepare the architectural blueprint.

  • Development

    We build the prototype via R&D while keeping the solution architecture flexible, we engineer the full cycle software development.

  • Deployment

    Release the solution roadmap, and launch the application on the testnet and main net.

  • Support

    Support after the product launch, preventing inefficiencies and ensuring smooth user experience.

System Architecture

Our projects succeed due to deep understanding and intelligent planning. The decision on architecture about projects ensure good execution and long lasting scalable results

Protocol Layers

Establish consensus algorithms, side chains, EVM,s while permission or permissionless protocols for the blockchain to build are finalised.

Blockchain Essential Layer

Configure oracles, integrate crypto wallets, create smart contracts, digital IDs and establish governance framework.

Application Layer

Develop dApp browser, decentralized applications, programming languages and configure applications hosting.

Infrastructure Layer

Establish mining network, allow node creation and management, distribute miner tokens and configure storage and virtualisation.


Managed IT Services Customized for Your Industry And Your Organization

Our customized vertical solutions allow your organization to thrive by streamlining workflows and increasing productivity. Our marketing strategies and design concepts are customized for your specific needs no matter the industry.

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