Al-Turath is a donation application and web portal, created to help the people in need all around the world. The purpose for this web portal was to get the donation from the people and help the poor people and the people affected due to any natural or manmade disaster. In addition to that, there are several ongoing projects which are lagging behind due to lack of funds, people can also contribute for this noble cause


In the beginning we were provided with the scratched details where we were supposed to create an application and a web portal to support the people, animals and projects in need. The purpose was clear yet the roadmap was not chalked out properly We were asked to deliver a project which is one of its kind with an ease of giving donations for the people with good wi


After brainstorming, our team of experts provided the solutions which are categorized into three major segments, named as follows:

General: In this segment, user can donate for generally for peoples.

Projects: Here, user can donate for different type of projects.

Animal: In this segment, user can donate for animals We further divided the donors into three major categories as per the types of donors.

Technologies Used

ASP.Net 4

SQL Server

Web services




WCF Services


Window Service